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Introduction to Southeast Asia.History, Geography, and Livelihood

Lifestyle, Livelihood, and Subsistence

A distinctive function of Southeast Asia is its social diversity. Associated with the six thousand languages talked these days, an estimated thousand are observed in Southeast Asia. Archeological evidence dates individual habitation of Southeast Asia to around a million years back, but migration in to the area even offers a long history. At the beginning of times tribal teams from southern Asia relocated in to the interior aspects of the mainland through the river that is long. Linguistically, the mainland is split into three essential families, the Austro-Asiatic (like Cambodian and Vietnamese), Tai (like Thai and Lao), in addition to Tibeto-Burmese (including highland languages along with Burmese). Languages owned by these families can be found in also northeastern Asia and southwestern Asia.

Around four thousand years back individuals talking languages of the Austronesian family members (originating in southern China and Taiwan) started initially to trickle into island Southeast Asia. Into the Philippines plus the Malay-Indonesian archipelago this migration displaced or absorbed the original inhabitants, and also require been associated with teams in Australia and brand new Guinea. Just about all the languages talked in insular Southeast Asia today are part of the Austronesian family members.

A feature that is remarkable of Asia could be the other ways folks have adapted to regional surroundings. In premodern times numerous nomadic teams lived completely in small ships and had been called orang laut, or ocean people. The deep jungles were house to many little wandering teams, and inside tribes also included tough headhunters.