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Universal Remote Programming

Universal Remote Programming

teco zap cap reviews

Bill Arden

The operation of discovering patterns in a file optically somewhat than digitally (additionally referred to as an `optical grep’). See grep; evaluate vdiff. A deliberate misspelling and mispronunciation of verbiage that assimilates it to the word `garbage’. Compare content-free. More pejorative than `verbiage’.

See additionally retrocomputing, write-solely language. A characteristic supported by Unix, ITS, and some other OSes that allows two or extra logged-in customers to arrange an actual-time on-line conversation.

Compare tree-killer, see documentation. To destroy the contents of (said of a knowledge structure). The commonest of the household of near-synonyms including mung, mangle, and scribble. A program interrupt, usually an interrupt attributable %keywords% to some exceptional scenario within the person program. In most circumstances, the OS performs some action, then returns management to the program.

braino; see also brain fart. Ironically or humorously used to refer to non secular %keywords% points.

Legal Notices And Terms Of Use

Said of a problem that, although nontrivial, may be solved just by throwing adequate resources at it. Also said of issues for which an answer would neither advance the state-of-the-art nor be fun to design and code. [Unix] A message from Unix’s linker.

  • This was fastened by adding a defensive initialization routine to check the speed of a timing loop with the actual-time clock; in different words, it found out how fast the PDP-6 was that day, and corrected appropriately.
  • This is the meaning with which the term was coined, however the inventor informs us he has himself accepted sense 1.
  • Another traditional instance of this sprang from the time an MIT hacker found a simple way to double the velocity of the unconditional leap instruction on a PDP-6, so he patched the hardware.
  • So named as a result of especially on older hardware, responsiveness was much much less crisp than under the preceding SunOS.
  • Unfortunately, this broke some fragile timing software program in a music-enjoying program, throwing its output out of tune.
  • from the variety of sloth referred to as a “gradual loris”] Common hackish time period for Solaris, Sun’s System VR4 model of UNIX that came out of the standardization wars of the early 1990s.

Refers to AT&T Unix industrial variations after Version 7, particularly System III and System V releases 1, 2, and 3. So referred to as as a result of throughout most of the life­span of these variations AT&T’s help crew was called the `Unix Support Group’. [techspeak] To switch packages or knowledge over a digital communications hyperlink from a smaller or peripheral `client‘ system to a larger or central `host’ one. A transfer within the different direction is, in fact, referred to as a obtain (however see the note about floor-to-house comm underneath that entry). [speculatively] To move the important patterns and algorithms that make up one’s thoughts from one’s brain into a computer.

In a manifestation of the everyday hackish urge to unravel the problem at hand as soon as and for all, he began to design his personal typesetting language. He thought he would end it on his sabbatical in 1978; he was mistaken by only about 8 years. The language was finally frozen round 1985, but quantity IV of “The Art of Computer Programming” just isn’t expected to seem until 2002.

Technical fine points of an abstruse nature, esp. those the place the resolution is of theoretical interest however is relatively marginal with respect to actual use of a design or system. Used esp. round software points with a heavy AI or language-design part, such because the smart-information vs. sensible-applications dispute in AI. Knuth started TeX as a result of he had turn out to be aggravated at the declining quality of the typesetting in volumes I-III of his monumental “Art of Computer Programming” (see Knuth, also bible).

Probably so-referred to as as a result of it involves lurking in dark cavelike corners. See again door, virus, worm, phage, mockingbird. The physicist Richard Feynman, who had the hacker nature to an amazing degree (see his essay “Los Alamos From Below” in “Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman!”), outlined teco zap cap reviews `trivial theorem’ as “one which has already been proved”. Printouts, books, and different data media created from pulped useless trees.

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The perennial holy wars over whether language A or B is the “strongest”. Common Usenet jargon for a notional instrument used to measure the quality of a Usenet troll. Compare bogometer. [From the Usenet group alt.folklore.urban teco zap cap reviews] To utter a posting on Usenetdesigned to draw predictable responses or flames; or, the submit itself.

Hacker Folklore

Used in speech to flag free ends or dangling references in an argument or dialogue. Used to check with the Unix working system (a trademark of AT&T) in writing, however avoiding the need for the ugly (TM) typography. Also used to refer to all or any varieties of Unixoid working systems. Ironically, attorneys now say that the requirement for the TM-postfix has no legal force, however the asterisk usage is entrenched anyhow.

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